We have some great cattle breeders from several states; Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, Wyoming, North Dakota, Kentucky, South Dakota, Kansas and Illinois.  We enjoy working with these great cattle breeders to assist in promoting their operations and livestock.  Our  Clients have a variety of cattle for sale; Black Angus, Red Angus, Simmental, Herefords, Braunvieh, Maine-Anjou, and Charolais.  Our Farmers have grain, hay and alfalfa for sale too.  Check them out!  If you are considering a website contact us we would like to add your farm or ranch. In alphabetical order.

Aschermann Charolais    Arrowsmith Red AnguChitwood Herefords   Deewall Herefords  Driscoll Cattle Co   Flying B Farms

Green Springs Bull Test   Heifer Spaying    Hicks Cattle Co   Huber EY Red Angus  Humpin H Ranch  J Bar Braunvieh 

JC Cattle Co       K4 Cattle Co    Kuhns Red Angus   Meitler Cattle Co    Moore Farms    Namken Red Angus     Nolles Cattle Co

Oleen Cattle Co     Pella Farms    Quail Pass Genetics      R and D Farms      Ravenscroft Red Angus

Shaggy Meadows Red Angus      Split Ear Ranch     TCL Red Angus   Thorne Ranch   Young Cattle Co