Cattle Ranches



We have some great cattle breeders from several states; Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, Wyoming, North Dakota, Kentucky, South Dakota, Kansas and Illinois.  We enjoy working with these great cattle breeders to assist in promoting their operations and livestock.  Our  Clients have a variety of cattle for sale; Black Angus, Red Angus, Simmental, Herefords, Braunvieh, Maine-Anjou, and Charolais.  Our Farmers have grain, hay and alfalfa for sale too.  Check them out!  If you are considering a website contact us we would like to add your farm or ranch. In alphabetical order.

Aschermann Charolais   Arrowsmith Red Angus  Chitwood Herefords   

Deewall Herefords      Driscoll Cattle Co       Flying B Farms

Green Springs Bull Test   Heifer Spaying   Hicks Cattle Co   

Huber EY Red Angus     Humpin H Ranch     J Bar Braunvieh 

JC Cattle Co       K4 Cattle Co     Kuhns Red Angus   Meitler Cattle Co    

Moore Farms    Namken Red Angus   Nolles Cattle Co    Oleen Cattle Co   

 Pederson Red Angus  Pella Farms    Quail Pass Genetics  R and D Farms 

 Ravenscroft Red Angus   Schmidt Cattle Company    Shaggy Meadows Red Angus      

Split Ear Ranch     TCL Red Angus      Thorne Ranch     

Young Cattle Company