Twenty Years of Service

     Yes I am a baby boomer!  I grew up on Herrington Ranch in the Sandhill's of North Central Nebraska a Commercial Hereford operation, with my parents, Ray and Wanda and two brothers. Growing up on a Cattle Ranch we had cattle buyers visit during the year and I has a clear vision of what buying cattle should be like and how  marketing should be done.  We sold pot loads of steers on the ranch and weighed them on our own Fairbanks scales.  We drove 32 miles one way to high school and were part of the ranch crew.   We helped feed, hay, and work cattle.  Wrestling and roping calves and dragging them to the crew was required on this ranch.  I spent many countless hours on my horses and trained on some for neighbors.  In 1969 I graduated from high school with my major love of art, literature and business courses.  

     I married my high school sweetheart and we raised four great girls that were in everything from; School Activities, 4-H Club, Roping Club and Sports.  We were married for twenty eight years.  I was Office Manager for a major livestock auction and I also started a marketing firm before it's time called; Nebrasaka Ranchers Registry and offered yearly subscriptions to a computer service to buy and sell.  This was way before anyone had home computers or cell phones, so it was a tad early for the times, but I always remember how excited subscribers got when they could list unlimited items to sell for a one time yearly fee.  Especially the banks, equipment dealers and farm and ranch organizations.  The biggest dilemma was getting the guy on the computer to understand the lingo of the American Farmer and Rancher.  I spent most of my time hooking up buyers with sellers, myself.  So it inevitably failed, but what it taught me was there would someday be a need for internet marketing, thus I became determined to learn some code and the system of internet marketing.

     I set up several small business accounts using Quick Books for local people.  I took some accounting classes from Northeast Tech College and worked with area accountants.   Which eventually led me to Lincoln Nebraska in 1995, where I thought I would go back to school.   Little did I know that I would use all those business and typing skills that I learned in high school.  I went to work for a small Cattle Association named Braunvieh Association of America,  where I managed the accounts payable and receivables, plus registering and transferring of the members cattle.   


Owner and Web Developer, Joan L. Thorne

     That is where I met my husband, Albert (Abbie) Thorne.  We have been happily married for over twenty four years.  We used to raise and show Braunvieh Cattle but today we raise Simmental/Angus and Maine-Anjou Cattle.  We love what we do and offer; Breeding Bulls, Open Heifers, Semen and Embryos.     

       For my generation, most people are surprised that I am a webmaster.  The first thing they ask is how did you get into creating websites? I created my first website design in 1998 for our cattle ranch, A. W. Thorne Land and Cattle, Inc.  Our success in the search engines and high ratings has kept us in the cattle business.  I was asked by family and friends to create their business and cattle websites over the years and today we have a great group.  I enjoy assisting them to achieve their marketing goals.   "Keeping it simple and affordable."  

     Today we celebrate twenty years of website design.  We would like to thank our great customers who have become treasured friends. Agricultural, Farm and Ranch, Equine and Cowboy websites, Small Businesses and  Non-Profit Organizations.

      Every business today requires internet and social accounts to keep exposed to changing times.  That is how people shop today! It’s a fact and mobile shopping is taking 85 to 95% of the stage. 

      My love for the Cattle Industry and Cattle People is self evident in the number of cattle sites I manage for with several breeds represented.  I enjoy assisting them market their cattle for production sales, private treaty sales and internet sales.   

       If we can assist you in developing a website that reflects your operation we would love the opportunity to work with you.  “Designs for Cattle People by Cattle People”

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"Keeping it simple and affordable"